Windscreen Flyer Solution

I am one of those people who get irritated when I come to my car and find a flyer has been stuck under the windscreen. I discovered a (at least partial) solution to the problem – one which is so obvious I wonder why I have not heard of it before.   (That I have been dealing with some frustrating spam related issues probably helped focus my mind)

I was recently at a favorite watering hole one evening, and had parked my car in a public car park. When I returned to my vehicle I noticed a local restaurant had placed a flyer under my windscreen. (I was, of-course, aware of the restaurant – it was within 200 meters of where I parked).

As I was inconvenienced to get out of my car to remove the flyer the solution was obvious. Armed with a few sweet wrappers and the flyer, I walked in to the restaurant, caught a waiters attention and sprinkled my advertising for the sweets (and their flyer) while protesting the placement of litter on my car, across an unoccupied table at the restaurant before leaving. From the deeply satisfying protestations I heard as I exited, I believe I made my point.

In hind site, I could have done this a little better. Looking back, I realize I should have torn the flier into small pieces and scattered that instead of depositing my own “sweet advertisement”. Of-course, in addition to the Litter act of 1979 (*assuming the flyer or “sweet advertisement” can be defined as litter), Auckland Council also has a bylaw – preventing the placement of flyers on cars.  You can find it here – the key is the definition of poster “means a temporary sign of 1.5 square meter or less, including a placard, leaflet, flyer or communication device of a like nature, which is directly affixed (without the need for a supporting structure) to walls, buildings or structures, furniture, utilities, traffic signage or placed on any car windscreen, the message of which does not relate to the site or public place where the poster is displayed.” and section 27.3.7 prevents the displaying of the poster – interestingly this includes private land  – so I don’t think there will be too much push-back.