Resolving shared WordPress Email issue

I like using a database to directly drive my virtual webhosting – this means that each account on the system has a UID and GID, but no username associated with it (ie in /etc/passwd or getent passwd)

Because of this, when users try and send an email in WordPress (eg to reset their password), WordPress does not send the message, complaining “Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function.”

The underlying cause of the problem can be found by looking at the Postfix mail Logs – where you get errors like “fatal: no login name found for user ID XXXX

Fixing this problem – without relying on WordPress plugins or tweeks is simple – modify the php.ini file apache is using by adding the following line:

sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i


Secret of Oneplus 3

The OnePlus 3 has had some interesting reviews and press coverage, and its very much a mixed bag, but, nowhere online have I read about its killer feature – FANTASTIC (Almost unbelievable) RECEPTION.

I am blessed to live on a lifestyle block (ie semi rural), which gets marginal coverage from 2 Degrees Mobile – my preferred provider.  So marginal, in fact, that the deciding factor in purchasing my cellphones is the ability to handle 2 SIM cards, so I can fall over onto Vodafone so I can reliably receive calls at home.

With this, my desire for a technically advanced phone and particularly my spendthrift nature, the OnePlus 3 was the obvious choice.

I’ve been disappointed in its Bluetooth and software issues, but on the flipside, the ease of rooting the phone – and keeping it rooted, along with the snappy performance for the everyday things I do have made it a reasonable purchase.   So reasonable, I’ve just used it – without thinking about it.

THEN I REALISED – In the 3 months I’ve had the phone, I’ve never not been able to make or receive a call from home on my primary 2 Degrees SIM.   (As opposed to issues about once a week on all my previous phones).   The list of phones where people have had issues includes Samsung Note 4 (My wifes and my earlier phone),  LG G3 – H858HK – the dual sim phone I managed to brick while trying to re-root it after a software upgrade, as well as a plethora of guest phones including late model IPhones and various new Samsung devices.

Just how superior my phones reception is (to my Wifes Note 4, also on 2 Degrees) – and what has prompted me to write this note – is we went for a drive to Shakespeare park – she had no coverage, yet I had strong cellphone coverage.  My coverage was still excellent in the brick enclosed water closet onsite !